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Project 1: Pool Lift


The purpose of the project is to design and build a pool lift that can safely lower the child into the water while being seated. Furthermore, it must allow all necessary life support equipment to travel with the child in need.

JP Redman, Cole Hubbard, Casey Smith, Nadia Lopez

Problem Statement

The problem we are solving is to build a motorized pool lift the child can safely get on while on solid ground, then be moved over water and lowered down. The child’s name is Kiera who has a ventilator and trache at all times. In order to allow her to safely enjoy their pool, we must design a swiveling pool lift where she can get in the chair while on the deck, then be rotated into the water while buckled in. Furthermore, we must ensure she is not able to be lowered too far into the water or too far above the deck.

Design Specifications

Design a Pool Lift to safely raise and lower a child into an above ground pool.

  • Must be able to lift an adults body weight
  • Must be able to be precisely control the distance of lift and drop
    • Lower to allow her to sit in chair while on deck
    • Raise to gain leg clearance before dropping into pool
  • Must have a place to mount and route ventilator and life support systems
  • Must have a place to hold toys and pool items
  • Must limit ROM to so with part failure possible, there is a maximum drop distance pre determined
  • Incorporate minimal moving parts and pinch zones

Background Research

Possible Methods of Lift:

  • Linear Actuator
    • Pro: Precise Control / Locking gears if failure
    • Con: Expensive / Electricity availability
  • Gas Spring
    • Pro: No power necessary
    • Con: Seal Reliability
  • Pneumatic Cylinder
  • Hydraulic Cylinder
    • Pro: Lift strength / Low Cost
    • Con: Seal Reliability / More system components

Possible Chair Implementations:

  • Plastic two piece chair
  • 4-point mesh sling chair

Metal/Fixture Usages:

  • Steel base for strength
    • Must coat to avoid corrosion
  • Sleeved Grease-able bolts
    • Further avoid corrosion and ware on joints

Concept Design 1


Least amount of force required within the actuator. However this will have a large moment created at the mounting base. can also implement a slotted chair arm to allow for growth of the child. 

Concept Design 2

Concept Design 3

This will be the most compact design, however it requires the child to be near the pool edge to get in the seat. However, it would keep the child near the edge of the pool therefore all toys and pool items could be easily accessible.


2024 Spring