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Project 13: Bike Redesign for Steering


The Fall 2023 team will be making three main modifications to the bike. These modifications include incorporating lower body motion when rowing, adding steering, and upgrading the rear lifting mechanism. Other ideas include allowing the bike to roll backwards and replacing the “running boards” on the side of the bike.

Jakob Coats, Josiah Reese, Ishak Lamei, Mac O’Connor, J.W. Beasley.

Background Research

Our team first met with Spencer Meeks and his team from the spring of 2023 to get an idea of what they thought needed to be upgraded along with the steering. We then met with Melissa Draper at Upperman High to see her point of view as she actually uses the bike. Her biggest request aside from the steering was to incorporate foot motion along with the rowing motion. We then did research online to figure out how to effectively add steering onto the bike. The best option that we found was a company that has a bike that has a similar design to our bike. We used sites like McMaster-Carr to source the parts to assemble the steering.

Concept Design 1

Foot rests/pedals redesign, with optional foot pegs

Concept Design 2

Steering implementation and handle redesign. We also plan to adjust the angle of the front fork and wheel

Concept Design 3

Rear lift mechanism and caster wheel improvement and possible platform in the rear.


2023 Fall