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Project 2: Outdoor Traveler


Our team is tasked with building a piece of equipment, “The Traveler”, to assist the parents of a young boy in transporting him at frequently visited state parks and around their property. The primary goal of this project is to provide the client with a well functioning transport device while considering safety, cost, weight, and other additional key design considerations.

Left to Right: Blake Etter, Bryson Carwile, Nick Moulton, Hank Moneymaker, Adam Guillory

Problem Statement

Andrew is a three year old boy with mobility issues. His family has requested a way to travel with him outdoors so he can enjoy nature. They have asked that this traveler be foldable, light, pullable, and able to fit in the luggage carrier of their vehicle. This traveler needs to be able to be hung from the rafters in a garage and have the seat be a carseat. If the car seat is detachable for for future conversion that is a plus and the traveler needs brakes since this will be used in the outdoors on uneven terrain.

Design Specifications

  • Pullable
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Hangable
  • Detachable Seat
  • Transportable in luggage rack of vehicle
  • No contact points around neck of child
  • Offroad
  • Minimum 3 point harness
  • Brakes
  • Storage ability

Background Research

For our background research we looked at a Monowalker, that was also pictured in the project list. We liked the design of this mechanism and its ease of storage capabilities. However, we had concerns over the stability of the mechanism, and the fact there were no brakes on the Monowalker.

Concept Design 1

Our first concept design was based off a simple bike trailer. We liked the design of this trailer and considered modifying it with a car seat and heavy-duty tires. We also would have to design a way to attach the trailer to a person, so they could pull the child behind them.

Concept Design 2

For our 2nd concept design, we would repurpose a golf bag pushcart with a detachable car seat and add a connection between the cart and a vest. The vest would be used to pull the cart behind the user.

Concept Design 3

For our 3rd concept we have designed a 4 wheel traveler with an x shaped axle design. The axles will be foldable along the x axis and the seat will be seated quite low to lower the center of gravity and improve stability. This design will feature a pullable wire braking system attached to the harness that will have a locking mechanism. This design will feature a removable car seat, shocks for the seat and hooks to hang the traveler from the rafters. The wheels will have a design similar to a shopping cart’s wheels that can swivel for easy turning and reorientation of the vehicle. This design should meet all of our requirements while being quite light and maneuverable.

Selected Concept Design

While each proposed concept design had its own merits, the team decided to pursue concept design 1. This was mostly due to one of the primary concerns for the family being the ability to turn the traveler very tightly during use.


2024 Spring