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Project 8: Adaptive Lockers 2


The goal of this project is to build lockers for a middle school basketball team, providing them with a place to sit and somewhere to store their personal belongings in the locker room to accommodate their needs.

Walker Wright, Katie Cross, Nathan King, Kristofer Trikones

Problem Statement

With this basketball team having many members being in IEP, team members are struggling with not having their own personal space in the locker room. There are very few, slender benches for the boys to sit on, causing many of them to have episodes. We were asked to build lockers where the players could store their personal belongings and have somewhere to sit, so they can be able to focus on what their coach is saying and on their basketball games.


Design Specifications

Frame: It must be wide and tall enough for the boys to sit down in them. The lockers also need to fit in the dimensions of the locker room that we were given.

Storage: There needs to be a space where the boys can keep their personal belongings. We may be able to place a mechanism where personal combination locks can keep the items secure.

Amount: We were asked to make around 20 lockers.

Safety: The lockers need to be anchored to the wall to prevent them from becoming a falling hazard.

Weight: The lockers need to be able to hold the weight of the storage that will be placed in them as well as the weight of the boys when they sit in them.


Background Research

Our contact for the project gave us an image of what they were imagining for the locker room. We also looked at similar items on the internet for inspiration. Most lockers we looked at were structured similarly. They all had an open cubby at the top and a storage place on the bottom. Hanger hooks and dowel rods were common accessories as well.


Concept Design 1

This design shows a storage unit at the top with hooks for hanging personal belongings. The walls extrude all the way out to the end of the seat at the bottom of the locker. We mostly discussed how the lockers would be assembled at the site during this stage.

Concept Design 2

With the second design, we plan on keeping everything very simple with only 90-degree angles. This design also keeps each locker individualized. These lockers can be assembled individually, and they can slide together. One advantage of this idea is that we can put as many lockers together as possible to fit the different lengths of walls given. The disadvantage of this design is it involves a lot more cuts. Individualizing lockers means that we would have to repeat a lot of cuts that could potentially be avoided.







Concept Design 3

With the third design, we plan to utilize the layout of the individualized lockers. This will include the same hooks, hinges, and measurements, but these lockers will be assembled as a group rather than individualized. Using the measurements we gathered from the locker room, we will design the lockers to specifically fit each specified wall. This will cut down on materials needed and cost, but will not be as universal and will have to be assembled on-sight.


2024 Spring