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Project 7: Adaptive Lockers 1


The goal of this project is to provide an area for a middle school basketball team for them to store their belongings and get prepared for the game.

Tadan Yakima, Alan Arvidson, Patrick Stultz, Bakhom Aziz

Problem Statement

Some of the players on this team have an IEP and in that need a personal space for their belonging. Also, the personal space should help them concentrate during half time and other gatherings in the locker room. These new lockers will give the kids a safer space as well, getting rid of the sharp, old metal lockers along with the unstable benches there now.

Design Specifications

  • Be the correct size for the boys to be able to sit inside of them comfortably
  • But also need to fit in the current locker room
  • Have hook on top to hang belongings
  • Seats that lift up for storage with a way to be locked
  • Seats also need a pad for comfort
  • A spot for interchangable name tags
  • Overall structure to hold the weight

Background Research

Our contact sent us a picture of what they are kind of looking for and that style seems to be a common theme. We are planning to do something similar for our design.

Concept Design 1

incorporating all of the previously discussed aspects. Such as, the storage under the seat and on top, side privacy walls, hooks, and ventilation on the bottom storage box. Thinking about using mdf plywood for strength and a good outside finish.

Concept Design 2

Focussing on the under the seat storage. Adding a place for a padlock to lock up their items. Also using a rod on top for hanging rather than hooks.

Concept Design 3

Focusssed on emulating the best features found in modern gym lockers found in college basketball gyms. They provide plenty of privacy, storage, and have a comfortable cushon to sit on. These lockers can also be personalized for a specific team with proper detailing like lighting and mascot engravings.


2024 Spring