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Project 1: Pool Lift


After meeting with the family, we identified the main goal of the project, which is to design a mechanism that will assist with getting in and out of a pool. To achieve this, we conducted a brainstorming session to generate ideas that could be incorporated into the design. The primary focus of the project is to provide the client with a controlled pool lift that enables them to enter and exit the pool with ease.

Problem Statement

With the help of this project, a child who is unable to enter or exit a pool will be able to sit in an adjustable chair. Her medical equipment, such as her ventilatory, will be taken into account by the system. The chair will also assist her in entering and exiting the pool so she can enjoy her time like other children and will raise her from the pool to the waiting area. chest height is the lowest that the system can take her.

Design Specifications

  • lifting the child in and out of the pool
  • The level of the water must not go up passed her chest
  • rotating base for easy access
  • a tube holder, that connects to an oxygen machine that needs to be placed near it
  • machine must be at cool temperature.
  • Remote controlled
  • main mechanism is detachable from permanent base

Background Research

We researched various existing concepts of pool lift devices and saw different good parts and flaws with each, namely the lack of independence on the user’s part. We also checked on the previous team’s project and ideas so we can build off their designs, and will hopefully meet with them to discuss what they had planned but were unable to finish.

Concept Design 1

A basic MotionGen Pro model was created to figure out how the child in and out of the pool. Three rigid links and two linear actuators connect to a stationary “pole” (the ground for the mechanism) and enable a single degree of freedom to get in and out of the pool.


what type of motion are we using:  servo motor, hydraulic

Torque Rating: The most critical factor is the torque rating of the servo motor. we need a servo motor with enough torque to lift 300 pounds.

Speed: we need to consider the speed at which the lift operates. Ensuring the servo motor can provide the required speed without sacrificing torque.

Environmental Factors: Since this is a pool lift, we will need to take into account the wet and potentially corrosive environment.

Power Supply: Ensure that their power supply can deliver the required voltage and current to operate the servo motor effectively.


2023 Fall