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Group 7: Playstation One-Handed Controller


We are wanting to create a controller that can be used with one hand for a disabled lady.

John Tyler Sisk Patrick Jobman Koltar Houser Stark Mosley

Problem Statement

We have to move the buttons on a controller to one side in order to make it a one handed controller.

Design Specifications

The buttons had to be remapped and rewired to be moved from the main controller to the new configuration. Had to make sure the controller was fully functional on one side in order to be used with one hand.

Background Research

We could not find any schematics on the controller due to it being copyrighted. We had to open up a new controller and reverse-engineer it to figure out how it worked. We took it apart and had to rebuild the button circuit by looking at all the components on the inside. Once completed we had to build a 3-d model to fit the configuration. Due to time constraints we used the PS4 controller as our model.

Concept Design 1

Describe concept 1, hand drawings, simple CAD, description.

Concept Design 2

Describe concept 2, hand drawings, simple CAD, description.

Concept Design 3

Describe concept 3, hand drawings, simple CAD, description.

Overview of Selected Design

We selected the final design due to our previous design being broken the week of delivery. Very unfortunate but we had to persevere and remake it.

Engineering Analysis 1

Our goal was to remap the buttons and make them fully functional in another controller body.

Document Fabrication Process

We installed a remapping chip into a dual shock controller to make all the buttons on the right side.

Testing Results

We played a game using the remapped buttons to ensure all of them worked.

Instructions for Safe Use

This is still not a fully completed design so just have to be careful and make sure not to throw it around like a normal controller.

Project Summary/Reflection

The project was a success until it was broken in a minor adjustment. This shows how tedious the controller is and how it needs to be handled with care. The project needed a little more time in order to be completed. It also needs to go through a couple more prototypes in order to be perfected. We needed to focus more on the electrical side in order to make sure it is correct. We would like to see the project taken from here and built even better and wish we had more time to complete.


2021 Spring