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Project 3: Support Seat for Daytime Activity


Our team was tasked to create a chair for a child who has H.I.E. and Hypoxia. The child has no upper body support, and therefore cannot sit up by themselves. The child currently has a few different utility chairs/devices but is unable to sit upright in any of them without discomfort. This new chair would allow the child to be able to interact with family at dinner, easily sit upright for feedings, and much more.

Problem Statement

Due to the child’s conditions, they do not have any upper body support. The main goal of this chair would be to give support to the chest and head regions. The supports should not be constricting, but also have enough force to keep the child from falling out of the chair. The chair would also have an area for a pole to attach, which would be used to store their feeding pouch and tubes. The chair would have some sort of strap on the back, so it could be attached to other chairs. The chair needs to stay light enough for travel purposes, but not so light that the child could tip it over. On top of this, we would like to add a few additional accessories to the chair which would make the family’s lives easier. These include but are not limited to an overhead attachment that could hang toys or a mobile, a side tray attachment that could be used for storage, armrests for the child to rest their arms on, a footrest that could be removed if necessary, etc.


2023 Fall