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Project 2a: Modified Tractor


Convert an toy electric tractor that is only powered by passing on a peddle to be powered by hand controls.

Luke Olson, Pierce Wooten, Aubrey Smith, Alex Woosley

Problem Statement

Our goal for this project is to redesign a tractor so that he could power the tractor by hand for the kid. They specified the importance of his hand since the kid has an illness that has affected him from the waist down to the point where he doesn’t have much sensation in his legs or feet. With this they also have asked us to design and put up guards for his feet that we will put around the foot holders on each side so that he can protect his feet.

Design Specifications

Technical requirements that we needed to fill for this project was the ability to 3-D print as well as knowing how to design and rewire a circuit.

Background Research

Starting off we already knew that we where going to be dealing with some electrical circuits and that we where going to have to probably 3-D print something along this process.

Concept Design 1

A 3-D printed ring to put around the wheel so that we could attach a button to it so that it would power the tractor. Heres our rough draft of the circuit we wanted to do.

Concept Design 2

We also thought of having something similar to a stick shift. This is also the walls for the feet rest where we where looking to protect his feet and legs.

Concept Design 3

We decided on this as one of our final prototype for the hand controls. It has a button located on the back side of the wheel so that the hand control can it the button. This is also how we decided to work out circuit for the peddles and the button.

Describe Design Details

Circuit that will allow the tractor to be powered with the hand controlles as well as powered by the peddle.

Engineering Analysis 1

A force analysis for what will hold his feet in and keep them safe.

Bill of Materials

Testing Results

The kid has already tested it out and fell in love with it, had to stop him from driving off.


2022 Spring