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Project 10: Fine Motor Skills Toy

Problem Statement

  • Create a sensory board for training fine motor skills for a 2 year old child, potentially with a choice board included among the other interactable pieces.

Design Specifications

  • The board must be accessible while standing in the walker
  • Include several gadgets and trinkets for the child to interact with

Background Research

  • Since the toy is for a young child, it was important to choose child-safe materials
  • Similar toys that are on the market were researched for ideas of how to build the project

Concept Design 1


-Attaches to the walker for easy transport


-Not usable while in the walker

-Has no reason to be attached to the walker

Concept Design 2


-Would attach to the walker highchair-style

-Everything is accessible at once


-Limited surface area for where the gadgets and toys could go

-No easy way of hiding electric components

Concept Design 3


-5 different faces which would allow for more toys than the other options.

-Can hide electronic components inside the box

-Does not attach to the walker


2023 Fall