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Group 4: Customized Tricycle


Our goal is to provide a reliable form of transportation to a young man with ASD and Tourettes. We hope to provide a tricycle with all the customizations and requests made by the customer.

Will Combs, Chase Corley, Griffin Hawkins, and Luke Shoaf

Problem Statement

To provide reliable transportation by constructing a very durable, reliable tricycle with the customizations listed below.

Design Specifications

Customer Requests:

– Adjustable Back Rest

– Modified Basket for storage

– Some sort of Light that can be used in the evening

– Speedometer

– Water bottle holder

– Color: Grey, Black, and Red

– Look like an adult tricycle

Technical Specifications:

– Lightweight (so it can easily be carried upstairs to customer’s apartment)

– Simple and not frustrating for the user

– Durable, easily ridden for several miles as a mode of transportation

– Stable

– Made for a rider of 140-170lbs

Background Research

– Collapsable Bike Frame

– Adult tricycles

– Place of Storage

Concept Design 1

For the first part of the problem, we need to make the trike stationary. The best way to do so is to make a bike roller. The hardest part for bike rollers is balance, but since we have a trike, this will not be a problem. We will make this lightweight so it can be stored easily and pulled out as needed.

Concept Design 2

For design 2, we wanted to keep the trike in one piece, but still maximize maneuverability. This led to a front wheel that folds into the frame so that it can be pulled up or pushed down the stairs.

Concept Design 3

After reevaluating the need of the customer, the best way forward is to design a dependable tricycle that he can use solely for transportation. He has been provided with a piece of equipment to use at home to build up endurance, so our goal is to provide him with a tricycle that is tricked out with the different requests that he had.

We are going to be customizing a tricycle, so that it includes the following:

– Light bar

– Removable back rest (to aid in riding comfortably at long distances

– Waterproof Pelican Case

– Odometer

– Bike Air Pump

– Water Bottle Holder

– Sleek Minimal Adult Design removing childish features or looks on trike

Construction Plan:

  1. Assemble trike according to instructions
    1. Excluding basket, reflections, and fenders
  2. Attach odometer
  3. Attach bike pump kit
  4. Finish Light Bar Mounts and print
    1. Attach light bar
    2. Attach switch
  5. Print Battery holder and mount
    1. Attach terminals and wires to terminals
  6. Wire up lightbar to switch and battery and cable manage
  7. Fabricate backrest for removability and adjustability??
    1. Cut and add angle in necessary
    2. Allow for pin lock removability
  8. Attach pelican trunk/case to back basket mount.
  9. Ride and test!

Selected Concept Design

Based on our decision matrix, we think design 3 is the best concept for the overall tricycle design.

Decision Matrix

Engineering Analysis 1

Analysis 1 analyzes the light bar and its source of power. Depending on the time of day he is riding, he could be riding in the dark so a light source would be necessary. To ensure that this light will last, we analyzed how long each charge would last, how long each trip to work would last, and the longevity of the battery sources being recharged.


2021 Fall