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Group 1b: Spinning Toy To Aid Vision


Mehrab’s team goal: Our goal is to design and create a

spinning device for the client to lay down on and sit up

in to help their vision.

Jackson Crews Fady Farag Mehrab Parmar Khalid Alzahrani Sammy Hadlock

Problem Statement

The project is to create a structure that is able to spin at a

speed to aid the client’s vision (manual or auto). The chair

will be able to lay flat and to able to rise to the client’s need.

The device needs to be portable so that the client can transport the device.

Design Specifications

Needs:   Able to lay down

Adjustable chair

Strip across chest and lumbar

27 in. diameter at least but can be bigger to allow growth




Solid Colors

Background Research

Background Research:  Gaming chair


Beach chair



Concept Design 1

Concept 1:  Spinning chair with shaft and bevel gears

Concept Design 2

Concept 2: Merry go round Chair

Concept Design 3

Concept 3: Chair with Slider Wheel

Selected Concept Design

Selected Concept Design: Concept 1 Spinning chair with stand

Decision Matrix

Overview of Selected Design

The Chair will be able to rotate because of our enclosed bearing called a lazy susan. The base of the chair will be connect to the bottom of the lazy susan, and the base is a plate welded to (most likely aluminum)  tubing with 4 triangle and same for the bottom. On top of the lazy susan, there will a plate with pipes standing in the middle for the chair to slide into and a frame to allow a chair to rest. The ability to recline the chair is a mechanism found in most car seats. The chair will be a gaming chair and on the bottom will a plate bolt to it a pipe extending to able to slide into the pipe on the base.

Engineering Analysis 1

Engineering Analysis 1: The goal the center of stability for center not to tilt. Sum the force in downward direction, we were able to find to distance for the base to be set for stability.

Engineering Analysis 2


Engineering Analysis 3

Engineering Analysis 3: The goal is to find the total weight of the base, the lazy susan, and platform for the chair. The importance of this analysis is to find portability of the structure so that the client can easily move it from one location to another.

CAD Drawings


2021 Fall